Thursday, June 2, 2011

♥ quite busy ♥

hello to all readers and wishing you guy having a great day..
im quite busy for now , entering my first week in UiTM , come through all these hindrances
of becoming senior *student of part3* >,< .. sometimes the over-zealous can also switch
to less motivated.. guess why ? my learning session has not started yet.. :/
there were a lot of things that have to change from my own personal manner that may be looked
down upon by outsiders again.. *yeah , i will
perhaps i ought not to tell bit by bit or all of what is implied..
time is no longer allows me to keep typing here and continue scrolling on facebook
exactly 3.00p.m , i thot that i should be stopped here..
if i get ample time again , i will be here to let my fingers to keep on dancing on this keyboard
again with my-not-so-secret..

k, byee


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